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2nd Skin Studio is ROCKIN'!

Soooo.... I'm going to ATTEMPT to start this blog, and then I'm going to ATTEMPT to keep up with it.

Not an easy thing when you are as busy as I am, but I do love to write, and this gives me good reason to do so; but, no promises ;)

I'll start by thanking all of my amazing clients for sticking with me through this recent move to the new studio; Some of you have stuck with me through MULTIPLE moves and studios, and I can't express how grateful and thankful I am for each and every one of you! You truly are the reason why I am here, and I love and appreciate you ALL.

I also have to thank my co-conspirator Traci Powell, who is the most easy going, loyal, business associate and awesome friend a girl could ask for (and she's pretty cute too!). Her smile and bubbly personality are so pleasant, and all of her clients (and mine) love her to death. Please do not hesitate to visit Traci if you have trouble finding an appointment with me that fits into your schedule. She does great lashes, and she is a lot of fun to chat with at the same time.

Speaking of scheduling.... that is becoming a bit of an issue these days. I told you it would! I warned all of you for months that we have been getting busier and that the schedule is getting tighter, and I have been advising you all to preschedule several appointments in advance to be sure you get the time and date that you really want. But some of you waited too long, and are now having trouble scheduling your appointments. I'm really sorry about that, I wish I could accommodate every single one of you. I am many things, but a magical being who can manipulate time I am NOT, and there is only one of me! Fortunately for you, Traci does great eyelashes AND she she even looks like me too! So again, please do not hesitate to schedule with her, because we have NO problem with clients alternating between us. I personally am not taking on any NEW lash clients at this time, so if you originally started with Traci, please stick with her, do not schedule your fills with me as my appointments are reserved for my current active clientele, and Traci is continuing to build her client base, and usually has several available openings each week that you can take advantage of. But if you usually see me, please feel free to bounce back and forth between Traci and I to your hearts content. Do whatever you need to do to keep those lashes in tip-top shape! That means staying regular with your appointments (every 4 weeks is advised in most cases) and if you wait too long, or don't adhere to the home care instructions, the service charge will be higher, because there is more work to be done, which means more time in the hot seat... or bed... or table... whatever...

Anyway -- the point is, whether it is with me, or with Traci, please schedule your appointments as far in advance as you can to get the appointments you want. The online scheduling system will allow you book up to 6 months in advance. If you need to reschedule an appointment down the line, there is always a chance that we might be able to exchange your appointment with another client who is flexible around that time, but if you don't have an appointment scheduled at all, then you don't have a chip to bargain with. Get it? Cool :)

So -- In conclusion of this first ever Andrea O'Donnell/2nd Skin Studio blog post, I just want to say that we hope you all like the new studio as much as we do, and we look forward to servicing you with gorgeous microbladed eyebrows, semi-permanent eyelashes, long lasting permanent eyeliner and lip color, makeup & body painting, and for those of you who are bad ass survivors of cancer/mastectomy surgery, I now offer areola pigmentation! I LOVE doing it, and I'm damn good at it too! So come see me to get back what you lost, or maybe you have old areola tattoos that just need to be freshened up.

And guess what I found out today? My new neighbor in the studio next to me is a RN who will be offering injectables!!! Yes ladies, get your lips, lashes, liner, brows, and now your BOTOX right here at 2nd Skin Studio!! Your one stop GORGEOUS shop!!! Yessss...... :)



2nd Skin Studio is ROCKIN'!  Thanks to YOU!

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