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Please review the list of brow options below. CLICK HERE to view current rates and scheduling options. (*see note below). If you are unsure of what type of appointment to schedule, just choose the one that sounds most appropriate for your skin type and desired results. Andrea will help you decide which service is best for you when you come to your first appointment.  Rest assured that Andrea always takes her time, and uses her highly trained expertise to examine your skin type, tone & texture, then she takes precise measurements of your natural facial features, and combines all of that with your personal style, age, hair and brow color, as well as your own specific requests and designs your perfect, custom brows, leaving you with with beautiful, low maintenance, long lasting brows in a shape that enhances YOUR uniquely beautiful face!


By manually implementing pigment into the skin with an ultra-fine microblade, Andrea will evenly mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs, redefining the brow shape, and amplifying your current arches - or lack thereof!  Microblading is highly customizable, creating brow styles from the most subtle & petite, to big & bold, and everything in between!   This semi-permanent procedure is usually requires 2 sessions.  Your first appointment will take around 2.5 hours, and you will schedule your Perfection Session 4-8 weeks later.  Most clients return every 1-2 years for a "Freshen Up Session".   


An ultra soft, natural brow which appears powdery, or airbrushed. No hair strokes. Ideal for those who like a very soft 'makeup' look. ​Ideal for all skin types. May require an additional Perfection Session to achieve desired results.



Using nano needle technology, this highly specialized machine pigmentation technique is often the best solution for skin that cannot tolerate microblading. Particularly great choice for oily or thicker skin types, but suitable for all skin types. This technique lasts longer than traditional microbladed strokes. A Perfection Session may be necessary to achieve desired results.

HY-BROWS / COMBO BROWS (Micro or Nano + Powder Brow Shading = The Ultimate Brow!)

This amazing and advanced "hybrid" technique combines Nano hairstrokes with soft, powder shading to create the ultimate eyebrow style! This is a permanent tattoo procedure, done entirely with a machine (not microblading) and the results can last for many years with proper care & maintenance. A Perfection Session may be required to achieve the desired results.



This is an optional yet encouraged touch-up procedure for Andrea's EXISTING Microblading & Permanent Brow clients, and must be performed 4-12 weeks after their initial brow procedure or most recent Freshen Up Session. 


This optional touch-up procedure is for Andrea's EXISTING Microblading & Permanent Brow clients to help refresh, redefine and maintain their brow pigmentation, and must be performed within 24 months after the most recent brow procedure done by Andrea.


For new clients who have existing eyebrow pigmentation that require significant changes, adjustments and/or corrections to the current shape, color and/or style. (If you are a new client who is happy with the current shape, size and style of your brows, and just need a general touchup to refresh the color and definition of your existing brow pigmentation, without any major corrections, please schedule a regular full procedure appointment.)

**Please Note: The online scheduling system is accurate and updates every 15 minutes, and shows all available openings within the following 9 month period. If you do not see an available appointment, please keep checking! Upon scheduling your appointment, you may include a note requesting to be added to the cancellation list, however you must already have an appointment scheduled in order to be added to that list.  

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