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A beautifully applied eyeliner is fundamental in accentuating and enhancing the shape, colour and size of your eyes. Besides convenience, eyeliner tattooing is the perfect solution for anyone with allergies, contact lens sensitivity, dexterity issues, vision problems, alopecia, or an active lifestyle. The artistic placement of colour and line can also help correct the appearance of certain eye shapes and facial asymmetry.  Permanent eyeliner styles can be thin or thick, smokey or defined. This is the eyeliner that won't ever smear, smudge or rub off! Various shades to choose from.  Powerful topical anesthetics keep you comfortable throughout the process.  

Permanent eyeliner is AWESOME, however it is not for everyone!

Please read the following information prior to scheduling an eyeliner tattoo appointment!


  • Permanent eyeliner is NOT recommended for those with very thin/crepey eyelids, very oily or extra sensitive eyelids, and/or a significant amount of clearly visible capillary blood vessels on the eyelids.  If you are unsure if you qualify for this service, please contact Andrea to schedule a time for a brief assessment of your eyelid skin.  

  • Andrea offers UPPER eyeliner only. Andrea chooses not tattoo the bottom eyelids, as it often results in poor pigment retention, pigment migration, and as the muscle structure under the eyes breaks down over time, it can visibly accentuate the drooping bottom eyelid caused by the natural aging process. Andrea will not tattoo large, exaggerated/extended wings for this same reason. Her goal is to provide you with beautiful eyeliner, without compromising the integrity of your skin, or your overall satisfaction of your future appearance. If you wish to have bottom eyeliner or large, extended wings tattooed, please seek service elsewhere.  

  • If you plan on having eyelid surgery in the next few years, please wait until after your eyelid surgery has fully healed to have eyeliner pigmentation done.

  • You must remove all lash extensions, or allow them to fall off naturally, prior to having eyeliner pigmentation. You may have lash extensions reapplied 4 weeks after eyeliner has completely healed.

  • You must discontinue using all lash enhancement serums (such as Lash Boost or LaTisse) at least 6 weeks prior to having eyeliner pigmentation; the same rule applies for eyeliner perfection sessions and future touch-ups! 

  • Please be aware that failure to follow any of the above guidelines will result in your appointment being cancelled upon arrival, and the late cancellation fee will apply as outlined in our cancellation policy. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

**Please Note: The online scheduling system is accurate and updates every 15 minutes, and shows all available openings within the following 9 month period. If you do not see an available appointment, please keep checking! Upon scheduling your appointment, you may include a note requesting to be added to the cancellation list, however you must already have an appointment scheduled in order to be added to that list.  

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