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Have you been forever longing for perfect, symmetrical eyebrows, smudge-proof eyeliner, or "naturally" rosy blushed lips?

Maybe you already have permanent makeup or microblading that will need freshening up within the next two years? 


Perhaps you would love to give the generous and thoughtful gift

of permanent beauty to your sister, mother, or BFF? 


If you can relate to any of the above, then KEEP READING!!!

Before I get to the good stuff, I need to explain some... well... not-so-good stuff. I opened 2nd Skin Studio in January 2017, and my service rates have remained generally the same ever since. However, due to significant increases in supply & operational costs over the past four years (especially this year) RATES FOR MANY OF MY MOST POPULAR SERVICES WILL  BE INCREASING BY 3%-8% IN 2021. This is a necessary step in allowing me to continuously advance in my training and education, so that may bring you the latest techniques in permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing, invest in the best products and tools on the market (always made in the USA), and to make the necessary equipment, administrative, and licensing upgrades required by my state and my industry, ALL with the ultimate goal of provide YOU with the absolute best overall experience this one woman show can offer! So I hope you can agree that it's a relatively  small increase which carries a much larger and more significant purpose.

NOW ON TO THE GOOD STUFF!!  My past and current clients know that I NEVER run specials or sales on my services. However, I ran this type of promotion at the beginning of the pandemic shut-down, in order to help ease my severe anxiety over the uncertain future of my small business.  I'm happy to say my business weathered the storm beautifully, and the sale I ran in April was wildly successful! Hundreds of dollars were saved and enjoyed by dozens of happy clients!

SO HERE'S THE DEAL: YOU PAY FOR YOUR FUTURE PROCEDURE(S) BEFORE OCTOBER 31, 2020, AND YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL 5% OFF OF THE CURRENT 2020 RATES!  This could save you up to $90 or more off of the upcoming rate increases, and your credit does not expire until DECEMBER 31, 2022!!!  That's gives my existing clients OVER 2 YEARS to schedule their freshen up sessions, and for new clients to schedule their very first procedures!

GIFT CERTIFICATES are a great way for you to help someone you care about achieve the brows of their dreams, without having to pay for the whole thing! Better yet, enlist several people to pitch in and cover the entire cost for this very special person!  That's a Christmas present she'll never forget! Think ahead for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or Birthdays!!  FOR THIS VERY LIMITED TIME, GIFT CERTIFICATES CAN BE PURCHASED IN ANY DOLLAR DENOMINATION AT 10% OFF OF THE CURRENT 2020 RATES! So a gift certificate valued at $200 will only cost you $180! Just keep in mind that the custom denomination gift certificate represents a specific set amount. That amount will be applied toward the service, and any remaining balance is due at the time of service. Please note: If you purchase a gift certificate for a specific service (not a dollar amount) the discounted rates listed for the pre-pay and save deal for services/bundles will apply in lieu of the 10% off. It works out to be roughly the same in the end, but both discounts cannot be combined. Click here to see the prepay service/bundle rates. 

Example A) You purchased a gift certificate for your sister for $200 (but you only had to pay $180! Yay!). Your sister gets her permanent eyeliner done in June 2021, which is $500 at the time of service. Your sister would have to pay the balance of $300 at the time of service. 


Example B) You purchased a gift certificate for a service, such as Microblading for your mom. The value of that gift certificate at the time of purchase was $475 (but you only had to pay $451.25! Yay!)  if you mother brings her gift certificate back to me in January 2022, and the rates for microblading is $525 at that time, then she would pay the difference of $325. 

Just a few more important details I need to mention:

If any UPGRADES are made to the specific service that was pre-paid for, the client is responsible for the difference between the value of that service, and the current rate of the upgraded service, at the time service is rendered.  


ExampleYou pre-pay for microblading today at a discounted rate of $451.25.  You come for an appointment next June, and decide you would prefer to have Nano Brows, so you would just have to pay the different of $50

This is a non-refundable deal. Ya gotta use it or lose it by 12/31/2022!  However, if for whatever reason you decide not to use your pre-paid service credit, you may transfer it to another person ONE TIME, keeping in mind that it will still expire on December 31, 2022. Any unused portion of the pre-paid credit balance remaining as of 1/1/2023 will be donated and applied toward areola repigmentation services for breast cancer survivors.


And last but not least - The pre-paid credit purchased through this special, very limited time promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other future discount or sale on services at 2nd Skin Studio.



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