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In order to obtain the best possible treatment results it is vital to follow the

preparation and aftercare instructions exactly as outlined out below

24-48 hours prior to procedure:

  • Avoid alcohol and blood thinning medications

  • Hydrate with plenty of water

The morning of your procedure:

  • Avoid caffeine

  • Eat a proper breakfast and/or lunch, and hydrate well

  • Shave treatment area as close to scalp as possible.

  • Exfoliate scalp to remove any dead, dry skin.

  • Wash treatment area well and apply a light moisturizer.

  • Optional -- You may choose to apply your own topical anesthetic (such as HUSH gel or similar) prior to your appointment time. Be sure to follow product manufacturers instructions regarding timing. Most require at least 45-60 minutes to become fully effective.

Immediately after the procedure:

  • Let the treated area rest

  • Do not apply any product and do not clean the treated area

  • Avoid wetting the area or using any soap in the treated area

  • Avoid submerging the area in water, especially water containing chlorine or salt

  • Avoid excessive sweating (sports)

  • Do not use a sauna

  • Avoid using helmets, caps, hats or hair prostheses for a prolonged period

  • Avoid exposure to sun

  • Do not shave your scalp

  • You may wipe area gently once or twice er day with a very lightly dampened washcloth.

3-4 days after the procedure:

  • Clean the treated area very softly in the morning and at night with a very mild, frangrance and dye free shampoo or facial cleanser, but avoid exfoliating products entirely.

  • Apply light layer of oil free moisturizer in the morning and at night on the treated area

  • Continue to avoid submerging the area in water

  • Continue to avoid excessive sweating, saunas and sun

  • Avoid using helmets, caps, hats or hair prostheses for a prolonged period

  • You may shave have if desired, but avoid the barber/salon until one week after procedure.

7 days after procedure:

  • You may resume regular showering, shampooing and shaving routines

  • You may resume exercise/sweating and swimming/saunas

  • You may expose treatment area to sunlight, but sunblock is HIGHLY recommended

  • You may apply anti-shine/mattifying products

  • You may wear hats or helmets, but you won't want to ;)

  • You may get a proper shave or haircut at the barber/salon.

  • Tanning beds are highly discouraged forever going forward in order to maintain the color, clarity & longevity of your SMP treatment.

  • You may receive your next SMP treatment session at this point if needed. Please schedule all recommended sessions as far in advance as possible in order to complete all sessions within a relatively short time frame. A minimum one week healing period is required between sessions, and a maximum of 3 months is required to complete all recommended sessions in order to to receive the rate estimated provided upon consultation. 

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